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I’m currently working on two projects. One is a follow-up to my travel memoir, Not Quite Lost.

The other project is an new exciting thing… It might be a novel. It might be narrative non-fiction. I already have the real title, but I’m superstitious about revealing it too soon. So for now, I’m calling it Four. It worked for Peter Gabriel.

Yes, I know Gabriel Four wasn’t officially called Gabriel Four. We’ll debate that another time.

Four also has a resonance with the true title, which only I know, but never mind.

And I like, very much, the resonance with Peter Gabriel, ever since I saw a documentary of him with a tape recorder, in a field, capturing the sound of a chisel striking the cable on a radio mast, taking it home to his Fairlight and making it into music.

I am inspired by his ethos that the world is alive with material, that you can make your art out of anything you like. Gabriel is a good guiding angel.

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Who am I like? Hilary Mantel, Ray Bradbury, Audrey Niffenegger, Margaret Atwood

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