Nail Your Novel books for writers

A lot of writers who come to me for help are struggling to finish their novels. Or they’re overwhelmed by the enormity of writing, revising and re-revising. If I suggest they disembowel their novels to strengthen their character arcs or the story’s structure, they look ready for meltdown.

So I thought the most helpful thing I could do for them was write about how I do it. Hence Nail Your Novel: Why Writers Abandon Books and How You Can Draft, Fix and Finish With Confidence.ebook & paperback: ISBN- 9781909905955

What’s better than that? A workbook that guides you through the steps and asks all the right questions at the right times. Nail Your Novel: A Companion Workbook.

Paperback: ISBN- 9781909905894

Another area that writers really struggle with is characters. How can they create people who can carry a story and win the reader’s heart? Hence Writing Characters Who’ll Keep Readers Captivated: Nail Your Novel.

ebook & paperback: ISBN 9781909905962

And what will your characters do? Here’s all you need to build a story. Writing Plots With Drama, Depth and Heart: Nail Your Novel.

ebook & paperback ISBN 9781909905986

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ebook & paperback ISBN 978-1-909905-92-4