‘Intense, sophisticated, mesmerising’

Linda Hill, Linda’s Book Bag

I had absolutely no idea what kind of book I was about to read when I picked up Ever Rest, but I hadn’t expected such an intense, beautifully crafted work of literary fiction.

There’s a smooth sophistication to Roz Morris’s writing that makes for a really pleasurable read, especially when it’s coupled with natural dialogue and a variety of sentences where exposition and description are perfectly balanced. Ever Rest feels like a book of real quality.

There’s a quietness somehow, that belies the intensity of emotion presented that I found quite mesmerising. Similarly, the description is frequently poetic but never self-conscious so that I had a truly striking image in my mind’s eye as I read.

There’s no fast paced thriller here, but rather an insightful understanding of character and the emotions we experience. I was fascinated by each of the characters, although I didn’t especially warm to any of them. This was because they are presented so vividly, flaws and all, so that the reader has a better understanding of them than the characters do of themselves.

Roz Morris explores so deftly the way the past shapes our present, and how, like Ash, we can become frozen in the personas others impose upon us so that we lose sight of our true selves. I found Ever Rest a highly thought provoking read as a result. I found Ash’s presence so cleverly wrought. He’s been missing for years but is still the catalyst for the action here.

I loved Roz Morris’s authoritative presentation of the music world and the exploration of fame and its impact. From paparazzi to security, artistic endeavour to charitable fund raising, loyalty to betrayal, Ever Rest affords the reader a glimpse into an unfamiliar world and I finished the book feeling glad I have never been exposed to the pressures fame can bring. So many here compromise their lives because of the control and manipulation of others that Ever Rest is quite a disturbing book as well as an entertaining one.

I thought the title was inspired. There’s a convincing exploration of the risks and thrills of mountaineering with the need to provide Ashten with his ever, or eternal, rest. The things that happen to those who remain, or rest, behind, and the dominance of Everest the mountain itself, all swirl through this beautifully crafted book. I thoroughly enjoyed Ever Rest. It’s sophisticated, written with sensitivity and aplomb and thought provoking too.

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