‘Touching, unforgettable… on my recommended reads list for 2021’

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I absolutely loved this book and it’s already on my recommmended reads list for 2021 – no mean feat, as 2021 is already shaping up to be an amazing year for books.  Ever Rest s a quirky and emotional read and if you’ve not got your Summer TBR scheduled already, you should definitely make a space for this thought provoking, touching and unforgettable novel…

It’s one of those books that you find yourself thinking about whenever you’re not reading it and imagining what the characters are doing, just as if they are real people that you know…

This is a writer who is not afraid to tackle difficult subjects with compassion, sensitivity and a open mind – but isn’t averse to making you smile… It really is unique in that way and I feel the blend of joy and pain really helps readers to gain a much better understanding about the way some of these issues affect the lives of thousands of people… I’d love to see it on the silver screen.

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