‘How we move on from death when closure is unavailable… how we respond when the past returns…’

Jason Fernandes at We Need To Talk About Books

Ever Rest is a well-crafted novel. I think what Morris does best is emotionally manipulate the reader. Several times, when the plot threads come together, she is able to engage the reader in its build up – with doubt, fear, suspense, anticipation – and then release it with a relief, or an explosion. I did have a couple of quibbles with the novel, but they were so minor they aren’t worth relating. Instead, it is the way Morris carries the reader along and admiration for the skill behind it that made a lasting impression.

Though it contains ideas on the music and tabloid industries, the heart of Ever Rest is how people move on from death when the usual routes to closure are unavailable, how they respond when the past returns and that closure, that they thought they wanted, is at last at hand. This is where readers will find the novel’s appeal and its relevance.

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