Reviews of Not Quite Lost

‘Most beguiling… the author has something of Victoria Wood’s funny bone in her DNA’ – RJ Askew

‘Will reread… especially if flying or on a long journey’ – Frangelina

‘A delightful slice of peripatetic whimsy’ – P Gilham

‘Delightful: amusing, entertaining and often very moving’ – Garry Craig Powell

‘Quirky, original and delightful in equal measure’ – Karen P Inglis

‘Genial, laconic, elegaic – a joy’ – Squeak2017

‘Moreish collection of off-kilter travel musings’ – AML

‘Sparkling with wit, humour and pathos’ – Vivienne Tuffnell

‘Filled with charm and wit … from small giggles to full-on guffaws’ – Davida Chazan aka The Chocolate Lady

‘Charming as h*ll!’ – Vic CWP

‘Well played, well crafted, funny and insightful’ – Just Another Bookworm

‘Turns the mundane into the hilarious or the dramatic’ – Andrew Collins

‘I devoured most of it in a single, long, bewitched session’ – Henry Hyde

‘Bloody good – keep a copy in your guest room and you’ll never see your guests’ – Clare Flynn

‘Laugh-out-loud moments and old-fashioned GOOD writing’ – Icy Sedgwick

‘Move over, Bill Bryson … beguiling’ – Peter Snell, independent bookseller

‘Engaging memoir of the road less travelled’ – Debbie Young

‘A novelist’s eye for detail … and for romance and drama in the everyday’ – Sandy Bennett-Haber

‘Stylish, lovely, well crafted’ – Ignite (top 1,000 Amazon reviewer)

‘Quirky, fun read .. made me want to go out and have adventures’ – Limey

‘Full of interior and exterior travel in the everyday and special … moving’ – Angela Kubinec, Easy Street Mag

‘Totally wonderful’ – Alexander M Zoltai

‘Wry humour, precise details, beautiful writing’ – Fictionreader

‘Intriguing and different – Not Quite Lost is a great find’ – Isabel Costello, The Literary Sofa

‘A perfect book to pick up at an airport or lounge in the sun with’ – Mr A Fletcher

‘Droll and enquiring … I laughed out loud many times’ – Jackie Law / Follow The Hens

‘Witty, humorous, deeply moving … required reading for anyone keen to pursue a writing life’ – AR Cubitt

‘When they say life is an adventure, some people experience more adventure than others’ – LS Book Reviews Anonymous

‘Devoured in a single sitting … consistently funny and engaging’ – Pink_Lady13

‘A lyrical description style that takes you straight into her world’ – James H Byrd