‘Quirky, original and delightful in equal measure’

5 stars – Karen P Inglis

What a wonderful idea – and so beautifully executed! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when starting my Kindle version of ‘Not Quite Lost’ albeit, having read Roz Morris’s previous works, knew that it would be unique and that I would enjoy the quality of the prose.

Happily, this doesn’t disappoint — what a delight! Not Quite Lost mainly provides a tapestry of memories of Morris’s visits to Landmark Trust castles, follies and hidden cottages in rural England — and the people Roz and her husband, Dave, met along the way. Style and substance combine to offer the reader a gentle roller-coaster ride through the English countryside (mostly) and the quirky characters to be found along the way. Roz Morris offers us a timely reminder of how important it is to revel in the ‘here and now’ of our daily encounters. How lucky we are to have a writer with such a sense of curiosity!

Alongside the rural England encounters, Morris offers the reader insight into her years growing up in a quirky pile in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Amusing, often poignant, and — above all — entertaining, this introductory chapter surely reveals the spark for her seemingly endless curiosity about the secret history of the many places she has since visited.

If you are interested and curious, don’t miss this!

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