‘The canny cultural observations of Barbara Pym or Penelope Fitzgerald’

What would you do if your life’s passion and proudest achievement was taken away? How far would you go recapture it?

Repetitive stress leaves Carol Lear, a concert pianist, unable to hold an umbrella, open a jar, and play her beloved piano. When her roommate, who suffers from anxiety attacks, visits a hypnotist and regresses to a past life that seems to cure him, Carol does the same in desperation.

But her other life takes place in the future and her hypnotist is an alluring, but possibly unhinged, former friend.

The future Carol is a young healer named Andreq who lives in a domed city under the sea. The place is eerily beautiful, but something’s not quite right there. Andreq finds himself at odds with his calling, which often involves psychically soothing women who’ve lost exotic pets.

Her journeys into the future make Carol a target in the present and nobody she meets is quite who they seem. Can Carol heal through Andreq before her hypnotist exerts control over her?

I don’t see the comparisons to The Time Traveler’s Wife, since the book is neither about time travel nor past life regression. In many ways, Roz Morris’s writing reminds me more of the canny cultural observations of Barbara Pym or Penelope Fitzgerald. Prepared to be surprised, mystified, and sorry it ends. Highly recommended.

Debra Eve

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