‘Genial, laconic, elegaic – a joy’

Squeak2017 – 5 stars

I hope this book finds the audience is deserves – it is a joy to read. I felt like I was having a genial conversation with the author on a pleasant walk, meandering around at leisure, enjoying the stories which were brought to life by the wonderful imagery. Not a tired metaphor in sight, I am delighted to say. Undercut by a slightly dry, almost laconic tone, especially in the scenes featuring the wing man (hi Dave), the book has at times an elegiac tone (reminiscing on old houses, former homes) and at others you feel the creeping silent fear of self doubt. But the author doesn’t shrink from a challenge, and her relentless and cheerful curiosity leads her – and us – on a journey through out-of-season seaside towns, vehicular mishaps, married life and all. More please!

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