‘Filled with charm and wit … from small giggles to full-on guffaws’

Davida Chazan (aka The Chocolate Lady) – 5 stars

It isn’t often that I read non-fiction, but when I do, I often find travel books to be the most pleasurable way to remain within the realm of reality. However, sometimes these can be filled with long, drawn-out descriptions of pre-planned, extended jaunts, which can become tedious, no matter how well written they might be. Despite this, for some reason, vicariously visiting places I’ve never been, or will probably never get to makes me happy, and not the least bit filled with regret. That’s why when I received an offer to read this collection of random travel diary entries, I practically jumped at the opportunity. In this little collection, Morris takes us to various unknown spots, mostly within Britain. While this might sound mundane, I can assure you that it is anything but that.

First, Morris has a delightful writing style that I fully enjoyed. Morris fills her prose with warmth, light and gentle breezes, even when the weather is the complete opposite (which was often the case). With this, Morris packs each vignette with charm and wit, including passages of mild self-deprecation that only adds to our amusement (and I’m talking everything from a small giggle to full on guffawing) …

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