‘A novelist’s eye for detail … and for romance and drama in the everyday’

Sandy Bennett-Haber – 5 stars

I really enjoyed journeying with Roz Morris. She brings to life the trouble, adventure and unique experiences that come to those willing to ask the next question, go round the next corner, or up that antique spiral staircase. She has a novelist’s keen eye for detail and sees romance and drama in everyday encounters. By narrating her eccentric characters and places with generosity, wit and evident fondness she brings them to life without creating caricatures.

The thread that holds these ‘travels without a sense of direction’ together is of course Morris herself. It is in allowing the reader to glimpse very personal moments of her own life – lingering over images of her childhood home, quiet and sometimes hectic moments with her husband and her journey towards becoming a self published author that Roz draws the reader in and keeps them turning the pages of her book.

This is the first book by Roz Morris that I have read and the first thing I did when I had finished was to go and buy one of her novels.

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