‘Fine, compelling, serious… and thoroughly entertaining’

Peter Selgin, Wisdom Faulkner award winner, Flannery O’Connor award winner, William Saroyan International Prize finalist, Associated Writing Programs award finalist, Housatonic Book award winner, author The Inventors, Duplicity – 5 stars

A sensitive, stylistically impeccable dramatization of how fame distorts not only the lives of the famous, but of those caught in their immediate orbits. Morris has constructed her novel’s astute plot around the black hole created in the lives of three people — his partner, his fiancée, and a star session player — when acclaimed musician Ashten Geddard perishes during a mountain climbing expedition. Like any good novel, Ever Rest casts its thematic net far wider and deeper than any plot summary can faithfully convey, which isn’t to say that it’s not a page-turner. While I was impressed with its depth of character psychology and stylistic virtuosity, I also found Ever Rest thoroughly entertaining. A fine, compelling, serious novel.

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