‘A moving tale… the desire for connection, for true understanding’

5 stars Melanie, Brooklyn

Pop star Ashten Geddard died years ago in a tragic accident on Mount Everest, and his body has never been recovered. His bandmates and girlfriend have all been left to deal with the aftermath. Ever Rest follows the lives of these close affiliates, friends and lovers, weaving a moving tale of how ripples caused by individual actions, ideas and assumptions impact the lives of others.

This novel gives realistic portrayals of the impact of fame and of the world of elite mountain climbers. Author Roz Morris gives us a peek into both while also deftly acknowledging that no one can fully understand the demands of either of these life paths without having lived them.

In fact, the theme of misunderstanding the lives of others because of not fully knowing their truth is key to this book. The author seeds the book with an underlying desire for connection, for true understanding, alongside the realization that this connection is always rare and fleeting, even in the closest of relationships. In the end, the novel finds a space for what a loving relationship might look like even given our shortcomings of truly knowing one another.

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