Reviews of Ever Rest

‘A perfectly crafted novel of music, mountaineering and mourning – gripping, authentic, recommended.’ Squeak2017

‘Highly unusual, highly captivating… one of the best novels to appear in Britain this year.’ Garry Craig Powell, author, Stoning The Devil

‘An excellent novel… memorable, sad, joyful.’ Foreword Reviews

‘Beautifully written story of loss, grief, fame and acceptance in a unique setting.’ Charlotte Walker, LoveReadingUK ambassador

‘So real and heart-wrenching, I expected to see stories on the news about the characters.’ Amie McCracken, author, Leaning Into The Abyss

‘I almost regret this is not a true story, because I believed every word.’ Leekmuncher

‘I’m a bookseller… it’s been a long time since I read a book where the words poured into my soul so effortlessly.’ Peter Snell, Barton’s Bookshop, Leatherhead, Surrey UK

‘A fascinating exploration of ambition and fame, loss and memory… I was tempted to google the band’s albums afterwards.’ Alison Layland, author, Someone Else’s Conflict, Riverflow

‘Fine, compelling, serious… and thoroughly entertaining.’ Peter Selgin, Wisdom Faulkner Award winner, author The Inventors, Duplicity

‘Powerful and so so sad.’ Steve Garriot, Goodreads

‘What the characters go through is spot-on. I wholeheartedly recommend this novel to everybody.’ Davida Chazan, The Chocolate Lady Book Review Blog.

‘Fantastic. A group of people forced together in a pain no one else can understand.’ Annalisa Crawford, author, Small Forgotten Moments

‘How we move on from death when closure is unavailable… how we respond when the past returns.’ Jason Fernandes, We Need To Talk About Books

‘A finely crafted gem… the ending is as perfect as a poem.’ Jerry Windley-Daost.

‘Brilliant study of the negative space left when an iconic rock star is gone.’ Dr Dominic Camus

‘Beautifully crafted story about surviving trauma, the commoditisation of grief and knowing when to walk away from the past.’ Juliette Foster, award-winning broadcaster, Brass Tacks, Dispatches, BBC World Service

‘Intense, sophisticated, mesmerising.’ Linda Hill, Linda’s Book Bag

‘Wow. A tale I won’t quickly forget, that’s for sure.’ Monica Mac

‘These characters held my imagination for weeks afterwards.’ Kristen Illarmo

‘A moving tale… explores the desire for connection, for true understanding.’ Melanie, Goodreads

‘A critique of press intrusion, tinsel gods and exploitation… wonderfully emotive, with style and substance.’ Andy Fletcher

‘I was blown away… and transfixed.’ David Bodanis, NYT bestselling author, The Secret House

‘One of the best novels I’ve read this year… and this is a great year!’ Jean Gill, award-winning author, Arrows Dipped In Honey

‘I highly recommend this as a selection for serious book clubs – so much to discuss.’ Ilana’s Reviews.

‘From the stunning cover and brilliantly clever title…’ Talitha Ebrite.

‘A wonderful tension akin to Daphne du Maurier. You sink in and emerge in a state of wonder.’ Martha Engber, author, Winter Light

‘Touching, unforgettable… on my recommended reads list for 2021.’ On The Shelf Book Blog

‘Human, fascinating, raw, real… 5 stars from start to finish.’ Brigita Orel, award winning author, The Pirate Tree

‘The chill of the mountain, the throb of rock music… totally engrossing. Masterful.’ Steve Zettler, author, Careless Love

‘A page-turner… her best yet.’ JAW, Amazon Vine Voice

‘I cannot recommend this highly enough. One of my best reading experiences ever.’ Susan Pope

‘Strong and believable. Fiction at its best.’ Amazon customer

‘What’s left behind when someone leaves us… closure is elusive, even after years.’ Jo Barton, Jaffareadstoo books blog

‘Tension builds… enjoyable, well crafted.’ Jackie Law, Never Imitate Books Blog